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  • Applications


    App 'n' Web développe, en suisse, des programmes sur mesure adaptés à votre métier et à vos besoins.

    • Des bases de données spécialisées (aide à la gestion, statistiques, etc)
    • Des applications pour répondre à vos besoins spécifiques programmées dans le langage le mieux adapté à votre environnement.
    • Nous pouvons également vous apporter de l'aide et des conseils sous forme de consulting pour vos projets informatique.

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  • Experiences

    Carole Mauron, the head of App 'n' Web, worked for many years in IT and banking.

    Graduate from an IT highschool she has more than 10 years of experience in IT development and project management.


  • Programmation

    carre applic med


    Vous avez un besoin spécifiquenous développons un programme sur mesure qui répondra exactement à votre cahier des charges.

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  • Programs


    App 'n' Web

    • builds custom applications to client-specific requirements to improve the functionality of the enterprise technology initiatives.
    • Develop programs in all of the standard platforms in the most appropriate programming language. We follow the principles of rapid application development (RAD).
    • Provide consulting service for all your IT projects.
    • Create specific training and documentation on our application and products.

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  • Web


    • Whether you need E-Commerce, Intranet development, a custom Web application, or simply a place to display company information online, App 'n' Web will work with you to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs.
    • You have a Website but it is on the web with the same content and design for long and look obsolete. You may want to change the way it looks, or simply want to introduce a new service, it is time to hire us for a revamp.
    • You are a musician or a band, you want a Myspace Music profile which match your style. Just contact us.

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